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As podcasts continue to grow in popularity around the world, we are featuring over 70 series and standalone podcasts produced by the United Nations, its agencies, funds and programmes. Search through our A-Z list below or check-out our one-stop shop listing to start listening now. United Nations podcasts are available on most mainstream platforms, including; Spotify, Apple, Google or Soundcloud.

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United Nations Podcasts (A-Z)

WHO: COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination explained

Podcasts for health workers and the public to address common questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

WHO: EYE on yellow fever

highlights the global risks of yellow fever and how the EYE Strategy is addressing these challenges in the most-affected countries.  

WHO: Global Health Matters

A UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank and WHO podcast series on innovative and inspiring research that contributes to achieving health for all.

WHO: Health in Europe

WHO Europe work with fascinating and driven individuals and groups. This series listens to their stories.

WHO: Hottest health topics, Russian-language

Russian-language podcast series explains where public health recommendations come from and what an individual can do to stay healthy.

WHO: Science in 5

Experts from the World Health Organization explain the science related to a variety of health topics in each 5-minute episode.

WHO: The Fourth Dimension

New WHO/Europe podcast that aims to engage listeners in different aspects of quality of care and patient safety.


Podcast series discusses the most recent economic trends that are impacting growth and development in Africa.

World Bank: Expert Answers

Every episode sits you down with a World Bank specialist: an expert answers with expert answers.

World Bank: Kaalavastha – Kerala Podcast

The series aims to capture some of the stories behind how Kerala is building a more resilient future for itself.

World Bank: People First podcast (FR)

Une serie sur les thématiques de développement spécifiques aux habitants d'Afrique de l'Ouest et du centre.

World Bank: Table for 10 Billion

Limited podcast series exploring what it will take to feed, nourish and protect a growing planet.

World Bank: Tell Me How, The Infrastructure Podcast Series

Host Roumeen Islam chats with global experts on how countries can put policies in place to raise standards of living — sustainably.

World Bank: The Development Podcast

A journey around the world of international development in this flagship podcast from the World Bank Group.

World Bank: The Poverty Podcast

Join specialists as they explore the latest data and research on poverty reduction, shared prosperity, and equity around the globe.

World Bank: Trade Tips Podcast

tackles the big issues in the world of trade and explores solutions.

World Bank: Vosa – Pacific Podcast Series

Talks with Pacific Islanders challenging social, cultural and economic boundaries in the region and beyond.

World Bank: Water World

Explores the issues that are crucial to delivering a water-secure and healthy world for all.

World Bank: What Have We Learned?

Podcast aims to support the process of mining lessons from the past to contribute to more effective, resilient and sustainable development.

WTO: Let’s Talk Trade

Trade is about people. It is about connections, challenges, and opportunities. Let's Talk Trade brings these stories to the forefront.