My UNSSC mobile app

The United Nations System Staff College is bringing learning and knowledge to the fingertips of United Nations staff and partner organizations with the launch of the new and free My UNSSC mobile app. 

Designed for UNSSC’s Blue Line and UNKampus30 platforms, the app makes learning materials easy to reach from anywhere, at any time. Its innovative features enable users to browse through modules and download relevant course content and resources both online and offline. For the ultimate on-the-go learning experience, key activities completed offline are automatically synced as soon as users connect to the internet.

The My UNSSC app is feature-packed. Users can stay up to date with their learning by turning notifications on, and using the calendar function to keep track of upcoming events. The tags section can be used to explore specific subject areas, and navigate the broad selection of courses and resources. To promote innovation and provide a space for collaboration, the app encourages learners to connect with fellow colleagues through a dedicated messaging and notification service.

The wide array of learning solutions available on the app encourage its users to turn learning into a daily habit and take advantage of the flexibility that mobile devices bring to learning. Through My UNSSC, users can also submit assignments, receive feedback and track their progress.

The My UNSSC app affirms the importance of technology as an enabler for life-long learning at the Staff College


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