What are the latest trends of organized criminal groups? How do they exploit the licit and illicit markets? Where do they operate? And how do states respond to this global threat?

The “Crime Spot meets SHERLOC” is a monthly podcast that explores transnational organized crime investigations, whilst drawing on the expertise of UNODC and the open-source information collected in the Caselaw database of the SHERLOC Knowledge Management Portal.

Each episode features a special guest, who is an expert working in the field of organized crime. Join us in our conversations with high-calibre prosecutors, investigators, criminal justice practitioners and research, as we unveil unprecedented insights into real cases of transnational organised crime.

This special series is hosted by Crime Spot in collaboration with UNODC’s SHERLOC team.

The views expressed in this global podcast series are those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations.