Environment & Climate Issues

This global open-access platform was developed by the  World Health Organization (WHO) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to serve as a technical reference point for users of interdisciplinary health, environmental, and climate science. The site represents the public face of the WHO-WMO Joint Technical Programme, bringing together the expertise and science of both organizations for the first time.
This living platform will be enhanced with new content and dynamic features in the coming months and years, with an eye towards expanding its offerings to meet the needs of users on all sides of the climate – environment – health interface.

Human Climate Horizons
Human Climate Horizons (HCH) is a data and insights platform providing localized information on future impacts of climate change across several dimensions of human development and human security. It is open access and scalable digital public good – a window to possible futures – fed by an evolving stream of multidisciplinary frontier research. It is the result of joint work of the Climate Impact Lab and the UNDP’s Human Development Report Office.

World Environment Situation Room
Data, Information and Knowledge on the Environment
The WESR is the new UNEP data, information and knowledge platform providing users access to validated content to support environmental decision